What does a consultation look like?

An initial consultation is 1.5 to 2 hours in length. A consultation is tailored to your needs: during the consult we will address whatever design dilemmas or questions you may have. We can move from room to room and discuss ideas for each space, or we can sit and go over house plans. Whatever is the most effective use of this time for you is what we will do! Some clients have one consultation, and many others start their project with this service.

How much will it cost?

An initial consultation is $150 (+GST) for residential projects and $160 (+GST) for commercial projects. After that time, the hourly rate is $75/hr for residential and $80/hr for commercial projects. Hours are billed either semi-monthly or monthly depending on the scope of the project. Before the work begins, we will discuss the amount of involvement you want from Right at Home ReDesigns, and how much you want to budget on your project as a whole.

Will you just tell me what to do?

It is most important for me to listen first. I want to hear what your goals are, and what your tastes and preferences are. This is your home or your space, and it’s my job to interpret your preferences and offer you a design that captures your personality. I will bring you options that will be current, on trend, and as classic or as daring as you would like them to be. This is something my clients tell me they enjoy the most—it is not just about what is “in” at the time, it is about combining what you love with choices that will serve you and your space long into the future. I will assist you in bringing this together!

Can we work on portions of the project?

Yes! We can work on the design elements for which you would like assistance, or we can work on the whole project together. The design process is always customized to your needs, project, and budget.

Do you have trades people you can recommend?

Yes. I work with a variety of qualified tradespeople from painters, finishers, carpenters, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc. I can recommend and/or connect you to these people, or I can work with a team you have assembled as well.

Where do you shop?

When I can, I shop locally. I work with the client’s preference of businesses and stores, and will also make recommendations. I also use online businesses, and businesses out of the area offering materials or items not available locally.

What services do you offer?

• Interior Décor services
• Renovation assistance
• Project management
• Colour design
• Consultations
• Exterior design advice
• Furniture placement
• Art placement and installation
• Referrals to trades and businesses
• Home Staging
• Redesign services
• Sourcing (shopping for) furniture and art

When should we book a consultation?

An initial consultation should happen long before a renovation or new build is starting. In order to make the choices you need for the project, time is required to source, design, and present options to the client. Making choices on schedule, or even ahead of schedule, will allow your project to continue moving forward.

Ideally, appointments should be booked 2-3 weeks in advance.


We shape our dwellings,
And afterward, our dwellings shape us.
- Winston Churchill -