Do you want a new look in your home but don’t want to purchase everything new? 

Would you like to integrate and use items you already own? 

Interior ReDesign is a unique and affordable approach to designing your space. ReDesign works with your existing furnishings, your treasured belongings and your personal budget to create a beautiful space that reflects your personality. With attention to harmony, colour, balance, function and flow, Right at Home ReDesigns can transform your space and make it feel new. 

ReDesign projects range in size, determined by the client’s needs and budget. From creating a relaxing retreat in a single room, to redecorating and transforming the whole home, I can provide you with a personalized space that reflects you and who you are. Showcasing your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories in a new way can give your space new life. If you do desire to work with some new accessories and furniture, we can help find and integrate those new elements too!

The process is easy—we simply meet, discuss your needs and wishes, and then create a personalized design project for you. Whether it’s one room or the whole home, Right at Home ReDesigns will create a space that reflects your unique tastes and personality. 

Whatever the scope of the project, there is a great design solution. Let Right at Home ReDesigns help you redefine and rejuvenate your home by creating the perfect retreat for you!